Gateway Baptist Church welcomes you!
Travelers Rest has been home to Gateway Baptist Church for twenty-five years. We’re always excited to welcome members of the TR and Greenville communities to our gatherings.
When you arrive
Gateway purchased a building on August 13, 2018. We’re excited to welcome you to our new location starting Sunday, August 19!  You can expect a handshake and a warm greeting from those around you as you enter. 
What to wear
There is no dress code at Gateway. Some people are more casual, and some are more formal. We don’t dress to impress others, but neither do we want what we wear to distract from worship. Simply come prepared to focus on Christ and to help others do the same. 
Sunday morning worship
At Gateway, we worship in a fresh but purposeful style. We strive to focus on knowing, loving, and sharing Jesus Christ through our common faith in His sacrificial death for our sins and His glorious resurrection. You can expect singing, prayer, public reading of the Bible, and a message that explains God’s Word and challenges us to live lives that reflect the gospel.
Music at Gateway
Our music is traditional and worshipful, pulling from the best of the hymns of the past and the best from contemporary lyricists and composers. Piano and orchestral instruments accompany the singing.